A&A Pro General Contractor

Who We Are

passionate professional designers & builders

A&A Pro General Contractor Inc. is a construction company integrating decoration and design. Since its establishment, it has developed into a professional decoration team with complete types of work, advanced facilities and equipment, highly specialized workers, and unique creativity.

We are engaged in various large and small renovation projects, including home and commercial interior and exterior decoration, renovation and renovation, kitchen and toilet renovation or renovation, house addition and reconstruction, roof renovation and repair, garden design, and renovation, including cement driveway renovation, asphalt pavement renovation, backyard renovation; plumbing and electrician, air-conditioning heating and cooling, split air-conditioning, central air-conditioning installation, smart home installation; start-up paper application, etc.

Since the establishment of the company, we have done more than a hundred projects, including homes, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, nail shops, supermarkets, dessert shops, milk tea shops, schools, and other industries… We are based on the interests of our customers.


Years of experience

We provide the best quality services at affordable prices

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Over 21 years, for the love of decoration, design, and construction, let us strive to provide each customer with the most satisfactory planning and construction.


We pay attention to the progress and details of every step of the project, effectively plan and implement step by step to ensure the completion of the project on schedule.


Our facilities and equipment are advanced, and our workers are highly skilled and professional. In the Long Island area, we are truly a professional decoration team.


We listen to customers’ suggestions and needs, and give appropriate suggestions to obtain unanimous satisfaction and praise from customers.